pandora (jilted_pandora) wrote in deadlyverse,


Somebody help me I think I'm going crazy
everything around me is suddenly going hazy
but maybe I am just not worth the saving
when I have this insistant kind of craving
Have you ever seen a dead man weep
crying even though he's fast asleep
the red tears of an innocent slumber
or does the sight send you asunder

to picture perfect the lovely pose
of a multilated yellow garden hose
little does the careful watcher know
it is a string tight human I show

to see how fragile our bodies are
how easy to tear, quick to marr
that under some morbid fascination
curiosity overcomes a moment hesitation

delightful in the autopsy reports
to see yet another creative corpse
how did he die today Jim?
do you think you know him?

does this make me evil to have no fear
to quickly watch where others may leer
possible that I am some horrid freak
to say that it is death I seek

Not my own but yours, someday
and on my wall proudly display
the last revelation of your time
to admire you, is that a crime?

It may churn your stomach to witness
the violent deaths in full undress
those which I take delight to see
I am not a freak, I'm only me.
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