satanssecret13 (satanssecret13) wrote in deadlyverse,


The ceiling creaked as the rope swung high
Her death had come as no surprise
With her empty smile and blood shot eyes
We should have known she’d kill to die

The marks still ran across her skin
Crescents where the nails dug in
Open wounds from blades of sin
Reminded me she’d never win

The air was flooded by her pain
A hopelessness I can’t explain
She broke inside and went insane
Her tears colliding with the rain

She lived a life in bars of steel
So hurt that she just couldn’t heal
Her anger was her only meal
Her life: a nourishment she would steal

A heart so blackened by this life
That she felt the need to always lie
That’s why it came to no surprise
That she would end with suicide

The bruises were just like the air
So transparent, they weren’t there
Inside, she felt like no one cared
She needed to escape somewhere

She had been raped, abused, and beat
She no longer ran a single street
Cuts and blisters on her feet
Death became her victory

Her mother said she was a whore
Her dad was gone a whole lot more
Her brothers’ words had made her sore
So she abandoned her life right at the door

So many words of so much rage
Locked her up inside a cage
A prison that was no longer safe
That she died a little everyday

Her face had bags that showed no sleep
She looked at me so desperately
I wish I would have heard her scream
I wish I could have set her free

In this room, no struggle shows
Proving she had wanted to go
If only, maybe, she had known
I would have loved her as my own

So where do I now point the blame?
We all could have stopped today
If only we had let her say
That she was in intensive pain

And really, now, who was I?
I was her final suicide

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