one8upgirl (one8upgirl) wrote in deadlyverse,

Bad Intentions

Like the spider of my life,
Spinning the most intricate web,
Eating at my happiness,
Like a lost bug amongst it's tidings,
Lust lies deep within,
Unimportant alongside my disgust,
Myself and my father,
That unwanted sexual attraction,
Pushed back by the way of my psyche,
Exploding a mode of madness,
Percieved by the kindness of most,
Pre-occupied with appearance,
I rarely feed my id,
Loathing my fatal intentions,
To an end of a long-lasting lover,
Confusion is the story of mine,
Yet to be unwrapped by my welcome,
I hide and I quiver behind the mask I bring forth,
And hope for a shy glimpse at redemtion.

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