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Lunar Cycle Crucifixion

Lunar Cycle Crucifixion

As lunar cycles peak,
I lay in my bed,
Cold as autumn breezes,
I lay.
Empty echoes of my own bad judgment
Keep me my only unwanted company.
My eyes can’t seem to close,
My heart can’t seem to sleep.
Never dozing, not a moment
Of unconscious mind.
On my back I lay with arms open wide,
My tattered conscience ---a crucifixion---
Makes me vulnerable like
My weakened body still rigid
From the tension from the feeling
Of all those tears never shed.
Am I quivering from rage?
From loneliness? From grief?
Or is it just the cold?
It’s all just the same, I’ve led myself
To believe
(This is why I feel so swallowed whole? ….).
Maybe I’ll soon find the answer;
Guilt always makes you see the light.
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