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first post.


Barreling down into her distorted dissention
Eyes shut, mouth sewn and nostrils plugged
The screams get louder as she tumbles through.
Mangled and content, her eyes open to cast upon
His deformed figure and their writhing faces.
Bathing amongst their iniquitous souls
She inhales the shrieking sounds of nefarious wonder
And exhales.

Coal-shaded bodies enrapture her.
Trembling, weak… inquisiturient
A touch, this massacre consumes her mind.
Disfigured angels dancing with distorted devils
Faces painted with the sting of damned eyes
Motionless, she is inviolable and unlovable.
Hungry for this whimsical cessation
She moves.

Walking toward the corrupt nothingness
Of every thing she’s ever known
She ejects her defective and impotent heart
Surrendering to the resonance of the expired.
Hollow and frail; no longer pumping life
This fucking fantastic façade is no longer
Her existence.
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